Morpion Solitaire - "Morpion" ?
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These pages are written in French. However the images or videos don't need to be translated, and you may find some English quotations within the French text.

"Morpion" ? What a strange name! Here are some pages (sorry, written in French) on this word.

  Three meanings
  and their first appearances

  Pantagruel, by Rabelais
  First appearance of the word as early as 1532 !

Mords pion ? 
Mort pion ?
... ?

  Why "morpion"
  for the game?

  First programs
  playing morpion

  Quotations, as in English by Samuel Beckett
  "Moron! Vermin! Abortion! Morpion!"


  "Morpion" titles by San Antonio
  and other authors

  Places called "morpion"
  islands, streams, regions, ...


  First written appearance of "morpion solitaire"
  by Pierre Berloquin, in Science & Vie 1974 ?

  Scratch game
  by Française des Jeux


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