Morpion Solitaire - Records Table

The 4T and 4D games are now solved, but 5T and 5D games of this table are still open, and also these records of main variants:

If you construct a grid with a larger number of moves for any game, standard or variant, then you have a new record: send me a message!

In the original 5T game, very impressive: the record of 170 moves by Charles-Henri Bruneau done by hand held for 34 years, from 1976 to 2010! Some words on two other "authors" of 170 moves that we can find on the Internet, or in some papers:

In a short postscriptum published in December 1982 in Jeux & Stratégie, Michel Brassinne wrote that some readers had perhaps found better grids. But their moves were not numbered, and Brassinne was unable to check them. Unfortunately these grids seem to be lost:

In 2008, I contacted Michel Brassinne: unfortunately, he has not kept any archive of his years spent at Jeux & Stratégie.
Because the name "Erb" is rare in France, I succeeded in finding Jacques Erb: he has not kept his old grids. Some months later, I found in Pierre Berloquin's archives a grid of 209 moves (!) done by Jacques Erb in 1974: because this grid was not of the original 5T game, but a variant, I suspect that his grid of 179 moves was also a variant.
I also succeeded in finding Bruno Moret, still in 2008: he has not kept his old grids either, but remembers that he made several grids of around 170 moves. He started his grids similarly to the other records, but says that there was a crucial choice between the 10th and 30th moves (he can't remember more precisely) leading to good or less good grids.
Unfortunately it seems difficult to locate Sylvain Laurent. But with his astonishing score of 233 moves, his grid was probably wrong, or at a variant, maybe 5T+ or 5T++.

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